ASIC Agency | Company Secretarial Services

As professional Accountants one service we provide to our Company clients is ASIC Agency and Company Secretarial services. So what is ASIC Agency and what do why do we charge you? For basic ASIC services we charge $170 + GST, for this we:

  • Download your annual Company Statement and check it against our database to check all addresses are current.
  • Send this to you along with your ASIC Invoice 
  • Check you have paid your annual fee to ASIC and remind you if you have not
  • Update your address, shareholders and directors during the year 
  • Prepare annual minutes (a legal requirement for Pty Ltd Companies)

This may seem pretty basic but it takes time and there is also a cost to the software we use to complete this for you. It is not required but we have found when we do not do this for clients the following can and often occurs:

  • Addresses are not updated, it is a legal requirement to update all shareholder and director addresses within 28 days. ASIC fines for not doing this are severe, worst case you may have ASIC papers or court papers being sent to an old address, leading to company de-registration.
  • Non payment or late payment of ASIC fees – ASIC fines are surprisingly high and they will not waive them! Non payment eventually leads to company de-registration 
  • If you do not complete your annual minutes (as a minimum requirement for Pty Ltd Companies) then Directors can be personally liable for the Companies debts. 

For large Pty Ltd or Public Companies we offer a wider range of ASIC and Secretarial Services:

  • Issuing shares and share certificates to multiple shareholders, including maintaining the required registers
  • Issuing options and option certificates 
  • If required we can chair and/or minute Directors and Management meetings through the year 

As professional accountants we see it as our role to help you comply with your statutory requirements and ensure your Company continues on to trade without interruption. If you would like to discuss this service more please contact Lisa Biggs who does the majority of the ASIC work in our business on 03 9115 6103