Financial Advice

Alan Maddick one of the practice Owners is a licensed Financial Adviser and has been involved in advising and managing Financial Advice businesses since 2009. He has a range of experience including personally advising hundreds of clients, managing two financial planning businesses and a number of financial planners. 

All Financial Advisers are different and at Mount Martha Accountants our focus is on the Advice aspect of Financial Advice and less focus on selling Financial Products. An Example of the issues we help with on a regular basis:

  • Advice on downsizing your home or moving into Aged Care or a retirement village 
  • Advice on how to buy your first home or an Investment Property 
  • Advice on setting up Trusts, including using Testamentary Trusts in Estate Planning
  • Advice on how and where to invest a lump sum for example the proceeds from a will or asset sale
  • Self Managed Superannuation Advice 

We can also help with day to day issues like how much money to contribute to super, what personal insurances your should have and day to day financial management and budgets. We can and do advise on and recommend financial products but we always try and focus on the advice aspects first and then look at what financial product is needed (If indeed a financial product is needed).


Alan Maddick is a Licensed Financial Adviser – Representative Number 337 839. AFSL :Vivid Financial Planning Pty Ltd Financial Services License 478 937