Self Managed Super Accountant

Do you have a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF)? We are a local firm with expensive experience working with Self Manager Super, at Mount Martha Accountants we can take your SMSF back to the joy and financially rewarding venture it should be.

When your fund is administered by us;

  • We will do all the work unlike some online providers who make you do all the work! 
  • If you want greater transparency we can set up online access to the same system as us with live real time data from your bank (most Australian banks available) 
  • We can set up live managed funds and share pricing showing you your real time asset values and capital gains – depending on what platform you use to invest there may be a cost to this 
  • On time lodgements and audit of your fund 
  • Most importantly your work is done right here in our office and you can sit down and discuss your fund. We also use a local Australian auditor in Chelsea, you can sit down and talk through your work anytime. (some Accountants outsource their work to volume providers either inside Australia or in other Countries, we do not do this!)

Alan Maddick is a licensed financial adviser and so we can also offer a range of other services beyond yearly processing for example: 

  • Updating and refining your SMSF investment strategy
  • Assistance in setting up or reviewing the SMSF Life Insurances  
  • Assistance with fixing breaches in your fund 

We are also expert at property transactions within Super for example buying and investment or business property with your super fund, Alan Maddick Mount Martha Accountants owner has worked with Self Managed Super Funds since 2008.

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