Business Succession Planning | Mornington Peninsula

So you want some help with your business succession planning? People use the words succession planning or succession plan with a few different meanings;

  1. What to do about your business if you or one of your business partners either dies or suffers a severe injury or a disability.
  2. What to do about moving out of your business (ie sale and/or retirement)
  3. In a similar but less severe way you can (and should have) a succession plan for every key person in your business ie who will replace your general manager, how will you train them etc.

At Mount Martha Accountants we are expert at business succession planning in every use of the word so if you want to replace yourself or a key person in your business we can help. If you want to protect yourself and family from tragic situations we can assist with advice and assistance, often planning and using correct contracts and structures is all it takes to protect your business and family.

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