Personal Tax Returns | Tax Service

Welcome ! Hopefully you are looking for an Accountant to help you with your Personal Tax Returns, if so you are in the right place!

My name is Alan Maddick and I have been an Accountant in Public Practice for 13 years, I love Tax and helping my clients work with the Australian Tax Office. I am a Fellow of the Institute of Public Accountants and a Member of the Australian Institute of Management and the Tax Institute. As well as preparing Tax Return for clients I also consult to other Accountants and Financial Planning Firms, reviewing their work and helping them improve their work practices.

All Accountants are different so I think its helpful to talk about what we do, some things we do at Mount Martha Accountants;

  • I personally handle all tax returns, your work will not be passed on to a recent graduate or Junior Accountant. 
  • I am accessible, I answer my mobile and respond to phone and email messages.
  • We will explain our work and tax laws as best we can (Australian Tax Law is impossibly complex!)

Some things we don’t do;

  • Claim things you can’t or encourage you to exaggerate your deductions. Everyone loves a good tax refund but the ATO heavily Audits personal tax returns, the fines and interest after an Audit are severe and its just not worth exaggerating or making up claims.
  • You wont find yourself hand balled to different staff each year. Next year I will be here to do your work and if there is an issue I will stand by our work and support you through any ATO Audit or Investigation.
  • We don’t make up excuses or try and confuse you, I am happy to sit down and go through your tax return to make sure you are 100% happy with the work. 
If this sounds like the Tax Accountant you want doing your work please contact us here.