Retirement & Estate Services | Services in Retirement

Many people think that once you are in retirement you will not need to see an Accountant anymore. For many Australians this is true; you may not need to lodge tax returns every year but you may still want to come and see us as we can assist you with a range of other services;

  • Estate Planning: If you have assets you may want to consider how to transfer these assets to the next generation. We can help you plan and take control of your estate, we are expert in assisting you make this transfer while minimising tax.
  • Aged Care: We can provide advice on this very complex area as well as assistance in managing what is often an urgent crisis situation.
  • Estate Management & Probate Services: We can assist you administer the estate of a loved one, including liquidating assets, tax returns of the deceased and estate as well as trustee services where trusts are created as part of the estate.¬†
  • Tax returns: Yes that’s right even in retirement many Australians still lodge tax returns, the Tax Office will try and take a piece of your income if they can!
  • Centrelink services: For some clients we assist with lodging paperwork to centrelink as required from time to time.
  • Power of Attorney: At times we have provided power of attorney services, this can particularly be useful where a family member cannot easily administer the basics of their financial affairs due to ill health. We can obtain¬†access and pay bills as needed providing reporting back to the client and/or family members allowing you to stay in control of your finances.

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