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We love to work with families, as your local family Accountant our core function is obviously taking care of your tax return, we will;

  • Get you the biggest refund within the law, see this article for a bit more information on our Personal Tax Returns.
  • Explain your return and the tax laws as we go as well as educating you on new claims you might be missing out on
  • I am an expert on areas like rental properties, air bnb, micro businesses and other common tax issues that while common are often more complex than you would at first think.

We take real pride in doing this work diligently and advocating your right to pay tax only on the income you should.

As well as this many families want to know how can they get ahead, build wealth and / or save income tax so we often do cover other topics such as superannuation, insurances as well as wealth creation through shares and property investment with our clients.

Our typical clients are families, often with one or two businesses in the family. Alan the practice manager lives locally in Mount Martha and is very passionate about the area and being part of the local community. For a chat about your situation please contact us below:

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